Knowing that I needed help, but being a little unsure about exactly what was possible, I spoke to Elaine, who understood my needs quickly and carried out a piece of consultancy that was both worthwhile and good value. I have been very pleased with the result and would not hesitate to recommend her services.
Elaine Massung organised two remote courses for the academic staff in the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Imperial College London in July 2020. In these courses, Elaine addressed the myths behind the EPSRC peer-reviewing process and gave our academic community advice on how to write grant proposals effectively.

The course was extremely well received by our academic community as it shed light on a reviewing process that can often be perceived as daunting and opaque. The course provided invaluable advice on how to construct a successful proposal, including advice on how to avoid the most common pitfalls of grant applications.

Elaine was very attentive to the particular needs of our Faculty when planning the course and was extremely professional in her delivery of the course. Although the course was delivered remotely, she went through her slides at a helpful pace, allowing time for the participants to take in all the information. Her delivery is clear and energetic, which makes it easy to stay engaged throughout the course. She also made time for a Q&A session at the end, in which our academics engaged extremely well. Indeed the feedback from our members of staff was overwhelmingly positive!

Elaine’s attention to the needs of the participants is superb, she made herself available to answer any questions before and after the session.

We fully intend to use Blue Eagle Academic Services in the near future, either through more workshops for our new starters or one-to-one sessions.
Elaine has provided invaluable support to our researchers through both her ‘Academic Writing Toolkit’ and ‘Demystifying EPSRC Peer Review’ courses. The writing toolkit is an essential course for PhD students and the sooner the students participated on the course, the more value they experienced. Elaine’s experience and awareness of potential issues along the academic writing journey helps students earmark and resolve them before they become stuck or worse, develop into bad habits.

We ran the peer review course for early career researchers, but it would also be beneficial to later stage PhD students preparing manuscripts to give them awareness of the processes behind peer-review. Elaine importantly reminds us throughout this course to reflect on how the information is coming across to the reviewer, the importance of seeking input from colleagues before submission and our professional conduct.

Elaine has continued to support our researchers following the face-to-face course participation(s) and we look forward to continuing our engagement and working with Elaine in future. Her professionalism, positivity and attention to detail are outstanding, I cannot recommend her enough.
I engaged Academic Smartcuts to proofread segments of my thesis in the closing stages of my doctorate. Elaine delivered everything that I had hoped for: she responded quickly, delivered the work punctually, and there were no hidden fees or catches. She was friendly and encouraging. Most of all, she was professional, bringing the highest standards of grammar and prose to bear on some of the rougher parts of my work, and she displayed attention to detail consistently across the material.
Elaine is wonderful to work with! My experience with her proofreading service went above and beyond what I expected. She was very thorough in her feedback and took a lot of time to get familiar with my work and writing style so she could provide the best possible and most personally relevant and applicable advice.

I found her comments both helpful and insightful, and her review of my work went far beyond that actual document to show me what to watch out for and how to improve in the future. I feel that I am much better equipped to approach research and academic writing after this!

I appreciated how professional and approachable Elaine is. She always responded to her emails promptly and is thoroughly available to answer questions. Communication throughout the process was excellent. I really enjoyed working with Elaine and highly her as a proofreading and editing services!
I have used Elaine’s services several times, including for proofreading. I have found her excellent and meticulous in this, iterating to allow us to make certain stylistic decisions based on options and recommendations she provides, and delivering really high quality work to deadline. She has been particularly strong in supporting PhD students who do not have English as their first language, helping them revise their wording while avoiding giving any content level input. I can thoroughly recommend her.
Elaine offered me invaluable assistance with proofreading and other tasks when I was editor of the peer-reviewed periodical The Annual of The British School at Athens. She was a dream to work with: incredibly hardworking, precise, and totally reliable in all her duties. I cannot recommend her highly enough!
The quality of the proofreading that Elaine has done for me is simply outstanding. She reads the work twice and makes a genuine effort to understand it, even if it is in a new research area. The result is not only impressive attention to the syntax of the text but also generous attention is paid to the semantics and the flow of the ideas. I have hired proofreaders in the past, Elaine's work is very different to what I have experienced before.

She is a master at her craft. She's also kind and very understanding. When I informed her, repeatedly, that I would be late in delivering my text she went out of her way to accommodate the extra work I put her through (by being late). Her help was truly nothing short of excellent and I honestly cannot recommend her enough.
University of Sheffield
Having worked with Elaine for a number of years, I have always found her to be willing to tackle any job given to her. Sharp-eyed and meticulous, she spots typos, irregular formatting and ensures that references and citations are consistent. She is utterly reliable and will always ensure that her work is delivered to deadlines.
I was commissioned a dissemination piece about an environmental topic by a UN agency, the readership was supposed to be the general public. Admittedly I did not know where to start! She helped me getting out of my “box” and “academic mindset”. Elaine and I went through my first draft during a one-to-one session, clearly she had read with attention the text I had shared in advance, so all of her comments during the session were spot on. With patience and knowledge she walked me through the critical points I had to address, helping me building my “story” and convey my message. The version I submitted after working on Elaine’s suggestions received extremely positive feedback from my reviewers.
Even though I already had experience with obtaining UKRI funding, Elaine’s experience with EPSRC gave me additional insights into how to design the application and pitch it within the healthcare technology area. In particular, the points regarding EDI, outreach, and commercialization were extremely useful for my application. I would highly recommend Elaine as a consultant for the grant writing process.
I found the one-to-one session that Elaine offered very helpful in generating ideas of how to spin my grant application. In addition to the insight into the structures of the EPSRC and the working of the various review panels, before the meeting I received very specific comments on my draft, which will help me to improve the structure of my Case for Support as well as many detailed suggestions to improve the wording.
It is great to know about the actual EPSRC funding process.

I think it was a well-structured and organised session. The tone was nice and informal.

Professionalism and energy of workshop lead – very informative but not overwhelmed by information – very well thought out and prepared – excellent material provided.

Clear info on review process. Good advice.

It felt like a safe space to ask questions on the process with informed answers that were really helpful.
The course reminded me what is the best practice of writing and ways of communicating as clear as possible. Tappers and Listeners was a great example.

It was a mixture of structure, planning, style, checking and motivation. I have been to other courses and they focus on one or two and it isn’t definitive. So it is effective in doing all in four hours and then a person can look into whatever they feel the need to focus on after.

The toolbox supplied by this course is extensive and helps you to develop really good habits regarding time-management, proofreading and feedback.

I liked all the ideas for improving my writing. Also the helpful tips on getting started with writing as I find that the most difficult part.

Useful advice, directly applicable examples of common mistakes, guidance on many different tasks. It was comprehensive – I cannot think of anything that wasn’t touched upon.