You can spend a lot of time Googling research council terminology … or you can take a smartcut and see the key definitions in one place.

Every field develops its own jargon and terminology that becomes second nature to those working in the discipline … and utterly baffling to those on the outside! The research councils in general, and EPSRC in particular, are no exception to this. To further complicate matters, there is an inordinate fondness for acronyms within the entire civil service. When all of this is combined, it can sometimes feel like you need an interpreter to provide a translation.

Which brings us to this digital download. It provides an overview of 75 common terms that are used at EPSRC and, where possible, points you to where you can get more information about them.

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The full download contains 15 pages of information to help you translate common EPSRC terms.

PLEASE NOTE: EPSRC policies, guidance documents , webpages, and terminology can (and often do!) change on a regular basis. This guide is accurate as of March 2022.

Are there other terms you think should be included, or is anything unclear? Please contact me or arrange for a free phone call so we can discuss it.