There are two needs that regularly pop up when I work with students and researchers:

  • Time and space to get out of our own heads rather than carrying our ideas, worries, and problems around with us.
  • A willingness to ask for help rather than try to tackle everything on our own.

This is exactly what Mastermind groups were designed to address by providing peer-to-peer learning and support in a non-judgmental way. They are considered a great way to learn from others, experience diversity of thought, tap into new networks, and meet goals through positive peer pressure (a.k.a. accountability).

The MAP groups I run are specifically developed to help participants make sure they’re heading in the right direction by encouraging discussions about current activities as well as planning for the future. A group consists of 4-6 people; it meets remotely twice a month for 60-90 minutes so participants can share progress, discuss problems, and set goals. I serve as a facilitator to ensure the group stays on track and keep an eye out for participants who may need further help.

MAP is available for institutions and individuals, and groups can be enhanced with:

  • Monthly one-to-one coaching and discussion sessions to explore topics in more depth.
  • Scheduled “Focus Time” sessions that use the power of accountability to give participants the opportunity to concentrate on tasks that will help them reach their goals.

Please contact me for more information or use the form below to get on the waiting list for the next MAP cohort.


Elaine's course on Demystifying EPSRC Peer Review and her audit of my draft proposal have been a tremendous help in writing my first grant application. Elaine helped me to think strategically about my project, its aims and objectives, and how to frame my research in a way that will be clear to both portfolio managers and reviewers. I also joined her MAP group, which offered peer feedback and accountability, forcing me to set goals and then find time to work on the proposal to ensure I meet them. My grant application has recently been funded and I wouldn't be able to do it without Elaine's help.
Being part of the MAP group has been one of the most rewarding and helpful parts of my PhD journey so far. When I started with the group as a first year PhD student I was unsure of myself, my direction and where I was headed with my academic endeavours. Now, I am a PhD candidate with a clear research project and direction. The weekly meetings, accountability check-ins, goal setting and advice and weekly focus sessions were the perfect mix of components to get me on track. I am so excited to go do my research and owe the confidence and successful outcomes to Elaine and being part of this community.
University of Toronto

Please get in touch for more information or to be added to the MAP waiting list.