Are you a student or a researcher who wants to make sure your academic writing reflects the time you’ve put into it?

Do you want those assessing your work to focus on the quality of your ideas rather than any potential errors in language or style?

Would you like help to ensure your message gets across to your desired audience?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, start here to learn how I can help:



First Impressions Count

A well-formatted, error-free document helps set the tone for the content contained within it.

Numerous typos or grammatical mistakes can undermine your credibility: when your writing looks professional, you do too.



Edward Bulwer-Lytton wrote that the pen was mightier than the sword. Mark Twain said, “Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel and paper by the ton.”

They recognised that the written word is a powerful medium. Proofreading and editing can help you harness that power to get your message across clearly and concisely.



At the very heart of writing is making sure your thoughts can be understood by another person. A second pair of eyes not only ensures that grammatical mistakes and typos are caught, but that you are also communicating exactly what you intend to your specific audience.


Proofreading has its origins in the days when documents were set by hand using movable type: the printed proofs would be read to look for basic errors such as missing punctuation, misspelled words, and other grammatical or formatting inconsistencies. While times have moved on, proofreading remains just as vital as it was in the past because it helps ensure your readers focus on your ideas rather than any errors.

Proofreading typically comes near the end of the writing process. This level of service is right for you if:

  • You are fluent in English but would like greater confidence in your submission. You may be surprised what a fresh pair of eyes can turn up!

  • Your paper has already been edited but you have made changes to it. A final proofread can ensure that mistakes haven’t been introduced.

Editing involves more heavy lifting, such as checking the structure of the document, offering suggestions for re-writing sentences, or reformatting a document in a specific style. This is worth considering if:

  • You are a non-native English speaker and need more assistance with grammar and syntax.
  • You want recommendations for the structure of the document.
  • You want your paper formatted using particular style guidelines.

Neither proofreading nor editing involves changing your argument or your ideas. Instead, the aim is to help eliminate errors, increase the document’s fluency and flow, and ensure that your writing presents your research in the clearest way possible.


Documents are read at least twice. The first time through I focus on understanding your writing style and the topic of your research, correcting common errors, and identifying inconsistencies. I will contact you regarding any questions I have to ensure that you are kept in the loop.

The second read-through ensures that the document flows well, picks up any mistakes that were missed the first time, and, in the case of editing, I will provide comments and offer potential ways of re-writing problem sections.

I typically use the Track Changes function in Word to make changes and insert comments. This gives you control over what corrections to accept or reject, allows you to decide whether to swap your current text for a suggested revision, and you can easily accept all changes if you are close to your deadline. If you are using a system such as LaTeX, Overleaf can be used for similar functionality. 

I also provide a summary of errors that are common in your writing so that you can focus on improving these areas. Proofreading and editing should not just be viewed as a way to correct a particular paper, but they are also forms of feedback that can be used on all future documents.


Prices range from £28.00 – £40.00 per 1000 words in line with the recommendations of the Chartered Institute for Editing and Proofreading; the rate is dependent on the level of work required and the desired turnaround time.

For a quote, please send the following information to and I will respond as soon as possible:

  • Total word count for the project: This will allow me to gauge how long the job will take; an approximate count is fine if the writing is still in progress.
  • Project type: If you would like a paper formatted according to publication guidelines, please let me know where you will be submitting (a link to the guidance document is also much appreciated!). 
  • Deadline: Please let me know when you need the document returned and if you will have time to review comments before the submission date.
  • File type: Are you working with Word, Google Docs, PDF, or LaTeX?
  • A writing sample: A representative section of the paper will help me determine whether proofreading or editing is needed. 


These services are for proofreading or editing only. I do not write papers or dissertations for students.

I will need to charge twice if a new version of a paper is sent after I have started working on the original draft.

I cannot guarantee any of the following: a particular mark or grade on coursework, awarding of a degree, conference acceptance, paper publication, positive reviews, grant funding, or job interviews.

I am unable to check for plagiarism, provide paraphrasing of your references, or check the accuracy and validity of your content. Instead, proofreading and editing services help ensure that your writing is as clear and consistent as possible.


I engaged Academic Smartcuts to proofread segments of my thesis in the closing stages of my doctorate. Elaine delivered everything that I had hoped for: she responded quickly, delivered the work punctually, and there were no hidden fees or catches. She was friendly and encouraging. Most of all, she was professional, bringing the highest standards of grammar and prose to bear on some of the rougher parts of my work, and she displayed attention to detail consistently across the material.
As a retired university professor whose academic work underscored the importance of accuracy and the need to present your work to the highest standards, I wanted a high quality editor for my retirement fun of writing novels. After all, my name is on those books. Elaine is originally from the community where I live and everyone I encountered who knows her commented on her intellect and her integrity—including one of her middle grade teachers!

Elaine smoothed out overly long passages, caught threads of continuity missed, and provided an intensely sharp lens to the overall writing and story. She always met promised deadlines and her fees were fair. My first novel, High on a Mountain, received finalist recognition for the Royal Palm Literary Award and the American Writers Award. Elaine helped make that possible.

I have every confidence, as the chair of fifteen dissertations during my academic career, that you will find Elaine's work of the highest caliber and her engagement in your work unparalleled.
Elaine is wonderful to work with! My experience with her proofreading service went above and beyond what I expected. She was very thorough in her feedback and took a lot of time to get familiar with my work and writing style so she could provide the best possible and most personally relevant and applicable advice.

I found her comments both helpful and insightful, and her review of my work went far beyond that actual document to show me what to watch out for and how to improve in the future. I feel that I am much better equipped to approach research and academic writing after this!

I appreciated how professional and approachable Elaine is. She always responded to her emails promptly and is thoroughly available to answer questions. Communication throughout the process was excellent. I really enjoyed working with Elaine and highly her as a proofreading and editing services!
I have used Elaine’s services several times, including for proofreading. I have found her excellent and meticulous in this, iterating to allow us to make certain stylistic decisions based on options and recommendations she provides, and delivering really high quality work to deadline. She has been particularly strong in supporting PhD students who do not have English as their first language, helping them revise their wording while avoiding giving any content level input. I can thoroughly recommend her.
Elaine offered me invaluable assistance with proofreading and other tasks when I was editor of the peer-reviewed periodical The Annual of The British School at Athens. She was a dream to work with: incredibly hardworking, precise, and totally reliable in all her duties. I cannot recommend her highly enough!
The quality of the proofreading that Elaine has done for me is simply outstanding. She reads the work twice and makes a genuine effort to understand it, even if it is in a new research area. The result is not only impressive attention to the syntax of the text but also generous attention is paid to the semantics and the flow of the ideas. I have hired proofreaders in the past, Elaine's work is very different to what I have experienced before.

She is a master at her craft. She's also kind and very understanding. When I informed her, repeatedly, that I would be late in delivering my text she went out of her way to accommodate the extra work I put her through (by being late). Her help was truly nothing short of excellent and I honestly cannot recommend her enough.
University of Sheffield
Having worked with Elaine for a number of years, I have always found her to be willing to tackle any job given to her. Sharp-eyed and meticulous, she spots typos, irregular formatting and ensures that references and citations are consistent. She is utterly reliable and will always ensure that her work is delivered to deadlines.